Simple Drums - METAL

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"I've got rhythm"

The name pretty much says it all: Simple Drums - Rock is a free, fun, and easy to use drum simulator app for your Android device.


"Simple Drums - Rock is simple and easy to use. The main menu presents you with the 3 drum kits to choose from: tap on one and start jamming! You can tweak the volume and tune of each individual cymbal and drum from the master volume options, and tapping on the play button presents you with 24 different rock, metal, and jazz tracks to jam to. We love the fact that you can play to your own MP3 tracks - simply by tapping on the play button and choosing MP3, then selecting from the tracks on your device. The app is incredibly responsive to your touch, and support multi-touch playing (just as well, you wouldn't get too far with your drumming if it didn't). And most importantly, the sound quality is very pleasing".

Simple Drums - Rock's review

by Jayne Deacon / appszoom